Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Where did all the arty rubber stamps go?

I know, people ask me this all the time. Well, I've found out the answer. While we were all stamping with pretty flowers and cute teddy bars, the amazing, arty stamps were all at Lea Saddington's house. And now they're at my house. And she has given me authority to distribute them amongst all of you!
Here we are, a tantalizing view of unopened boxes. So more to come.

So, the eBay sale is on again, starting today (that's May 11, 2016). On this blog, I'll try to keep track of what I am selling, and what is still to come. More photos later, but right now, I want to start the sale!

Who is Lea? I'm glad you asked! Read the side bar on this blog to learn about who she is, and why her collection is so special.

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