Wednesday, May 11, 2016

First batch is for sale - pretty ladies and architecture

Have a look on eBay right now, I've listed two whole trays of Lea's stamps. One had stamps of women, and the other, more decorative, including some architectural details.

Here's one set:

That stamp in the middle is from Collections, an Aussie company famous for arty designs.

There are mixed brands - some I've grouped together by theme, and some are single stamps. 

There are LOTS more women-themed stamps to come, Lea has obviously been a big fan of inspiring women.

So, how much of the whole lot have I done? Well, there are about six trays in a box, and about six boxes. So I have barely made a dent! Oh, and then we start on the tools, paper, embellishments...

Buyers who'd like to come and collect are especially encouraged! As long as you are a nice visitor, you'll be saving me time and trouble, and saving yourself postage.

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