Sunday, May 29, 2016

In which I come up for air...

It turns out, strangely enough, that selling lots of similar looking things, and getting them all to the right person, is pretty complicated. I mean, I'm awesome at it, so no worries there, but I find I am needing to do something to make this sale go easily for me.

So, the new rule is, I'll list for a week or so, then take a break of a week or so. That will give me time to send invoices, pack, send, and keep people happy. And, you know, clean my house, bake bread, all that stuff.

So today, I've been listing, and I may do a little more later today. Then I start on the break. Sound ok?

Oh, and here's some news. I was moving boxes around, and picked up one of the smaller boxes, with paper and accessories in it. Then I realised, it wasn't all accessories. It seems I also have half a (quite large) box of unmounted rubber to share with you! Crazy arty stuff, too. That won't mean anything to some people; to others, it's the holy grail!
Trick is, I have to display it all properly - as you can see, it's hard to tell what the image is unless you stamp them all out. Which I will do, but it takes time. 

So, at the end of the mounted stamps, we'll be having an unmounted sale too! We will have such fun...

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