Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gonna sit right down and write myself a letter...

Wow, packing and posting huge amounts of eBay purchases is so quick and easy - said nobody ever! I've spent all my spare hours yesterday and today packing up the current goodies. I've got to where all that is left is a trip to the post office.

So to celebrate, MORE STAMPS! Yes, just to let. You know I'm committed to moving this lovely sale along, I've posted the contents of one more tray. 

And they are writing backgrounds! Not to everyone's taste, of course, but people who love them, really love them! Here's one gorgeous example, from Collections, made by the lovely Julie over in Perth. Ah those were the days...
So do have a look at what's for sale. I plan to list more on Thursday, maybe some in Friday, and plenty over the weekend. Then we'll have another packing cycle.

If you are a shopper, and you buy more than one thing, do hold on until you've finished shopping before you pay. eBay will send you "helpful" reminders, but I will send you a proper invoice with your actual postage in it.

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