Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Great Southern Stamp Sale rises again!

I've had a request from a very dear lady to help her sell a few stamps. Nan is a lady of a certain age. She's been in my stamping club for years. She's brought joy to her family with hand made cards, she's personally enjoyed the fellowship of creating together, and she's even made many cards for charity. But now ...

Did you think I was going to say she's stopped stamping? HAH!

Nope, she needs to clear some older stamps out, so she can have room to work, maybe even GET MORE! Just because you're in your eighties, doesn't mean you stop adoring the innovative new designs that come out.

So have a look here to see what's on offer on eBay. I'm doing all the handling, because, clever though she is, Nan felt that learning to be an eBay seller was a poor choice for her valuable retirement time, she'd rather enjoy her family and friends, and make stuff.

And read a tiny bit about Nan here.

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