Sunday, November 10, 2013

How much is left in the sale?

So, how much is left?

That's what everyone is asking me. 

Well, here's a shot of my garage right now. Everything that's sold is either in the mail, or getting ready to be. 

So, the RIGHT stack is all the stamps that have not yet been offered in the sale. They are next. We have :
-  non-PSX text stamps
- non-PSX flower and garden stamps
- alphabets
- Easter
- and fish. Whole box of fish. Has some mermaids.

Just to be smart with seasons, I might leave the Easter stamps to offer after Christmas, when we are all able to thing eastery thoughts. Otherwise, I'm just going to list when I have time (it does cut into the weekends rather a lot). 

The stack on the left are odds and sods. Some have been offered for sale, and didn't get bought. A few are duplicates. Some, I just threw my hands up and declared "this stamp is so odd, nobody will want it!". But there's a stamper for every stamp, so no sense in leaving them in a box in my garage. My plan is to offer them for sale too, probably at very nice prices. That will be at the end. 

November's a busy time around here, I have a birthday to fit in, so the next round may squeeze in to December. And I reckon we'll be doing the finishing touches in January. It's been fun so far, and everyone's been delightful!

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  1. Pauline, you are doing an awesome job on behalf of Ellen. I'm sure she appreciates it and so do the stampers who have had a chance to buy part of her collection.