Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting to the end now

... so you may notice, I've listed a bunch more items in the Great Southern Stamp Sale. Including this Teddy on a Rocket. No, me neither. But I have grouped it with a delightful PSX word stamp, so this is sure to find a home.

All the items (well almost all) are priced at a positively embarrassing $1 starting price. That's just to assure you that I do want to clear these last few stamps, and get my garage space back.

There are a few more lots to do - maybe 10 more lots. I'll do them later today. Here's the link to the sale.

And just quietly, this weekend is a good time to browse on eBay. All sellers have been extended a freebie of 200 listings, meaning we are all getting a big break on selling fees. As a result, lots of people like me have brought out the box of "I must sell those one day" items. You might see some treasures.

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