Sunday, November 17, 2013

Get your fish stamps here (mermaids too)

I've added more goodies to the Great Southern Stamp Sale. Recent boxes to be opened were :
- non-PSX Garden
- non-PSX Words
- fish (yes, fish, Ellen had a whole box of fish stamps)

These mermaids are lurking amongst the fish. They are pretty gorgeous!

Here's something unusual in the fish department - a Coral Trout, in both small and large sizes. These come from Stamp-It, a Western Australian company that is still trading today (and has a gorgeous shop I visit on holidays most years). There are three of these pairs of big-and-little fish. I decided to keep the same fish together - you can make a pretty card with the big one, and decorate the envelope with the little one! Interestingly, these are made in both rubber and polymer - the smaller ones are rubber, the bigger ones are polymer. What does this mean? I don't know! Maybe Stamp-It were experimenting, and Ellen was their tester? Anyway, a stamp curiosity for the right person.

And here's one of the other lots. A whole bunch of PSX medium sized fish. Sigh. The best fish stamps you will see all day, I expect.

Here's the link to the sale.

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