Friday, October 11, 2013

You've been framed!

... or, you could be framed. That is, you could grab a bargain on a frame style stamp in the Great Southern Stamp Sale. There are forty items closing today, most of them frames, some from PSX, and some from other eminent stamp companies. There's quite a variety. I think you'll find something you like.

There's this cherub-filled ornamental frame. When in doubt, go for baroque.

There's this gorgeous fruit wreath, featuring pineapples. Did you know, pineapples are a symbol of welcome? Read this fascinating article and you will be well informed on just why that is. There's also a terrific photo of a building that looks like a pineapple. See, you learn stuff here.

And when only Art Deco will do, there's this handsome frame.

You'll find all these stamps for sale at this link, closing just around dinner time tonight. My dinner time, that is.

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