Friday, October 25, 2013

Bid now on the Great Finby!!

What is the Great Finby?

I think that's what we shall call this collection of stamps. As you can see, they are part of an alphabet. They are some of the ones that were originally sold singly - it's not unusual to find eccentric groups of them in people's collections.

Like this.

So if you see your initials, or some of your kids' names, or some other useful word in this combination, you know to go here and bid on them!

This week it's all the PSX sentiment stamps. There are some gorgeous ones. I've tried to group them in meaningful sets, like this:

How much do we love that swooping calligraphy?

So to summarise, I have an amazing parcel of PSX sentiments stamps listed on eBay this week, and I want them all to get to new homes.

So far the sale has been great fun, and I've had lovely chats with various buyers. Nobody's been disappointed, and so far everyone seems to have been delighted!

Want to be in it? Browse and bid at this link.

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