Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't Miss the Great Finby! And other beautiful PSX word stamps for sale...

My latest batch of stamps for sale on eBay are closing tomorrow. These are all the PSX text (or sentiment) stamps from my collection. That's a pretty exciting collection, you don't see so many good ones together very often.

The pictured group of single alphabet stamps is included. I decided they stand for Great Finby, but of course, there are plenty of messages you could make. Remembering that in the world of stamping, you can freely reuse letters, you can make:

  • Nifty barge
  • If I try, I nag
  • Fry a bent gent
  • Fifty Grey (there's an idea for a book title!)
  • Bye, gnat!
  • Bring Treat (I'm writing this on Hallowe'en)
  • Giant fig

and all sorts of other things. I recommend this anagram web site.

There's also this gorgeous collection of stamps. One has a fish! I just can't emphasise that enough.

Follow this link to see all of today's sales. The word stamps are closing around afternoon tea time on November 1 (Melbourne time), so be quick!

And I'm so pleased to tell you, my friends at eBay have come to my rescue and offered a generous lot of free listings (that's a big deal, because I'm trying to offer these stamps at very reasonable prices, so paying a fee up front does cut into things a bit). So thanks eBay!  By the end the the weekend, you should see no less than 140 new items on offer. Whoa!

PS did you see the fish?

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