Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thanks for a friendly transaction!

If you happen to buy something in the Great Southern Stamp Sale, I'll tip you off right now, your eBay feedback from me when it's all over will be "Thanks for a friendly transaction!". This cheerful but unimaginative phrase has served me well over the years, and I'm sorry to say, I just trot it out every time. Some people write such marvellous feedback, I wonder if I'm being rude, but this is all I have time for.

So, even if we exchanged lots of funny messages, even if we've agreed to send each other birthday cards from now on, it's going to be "Thanks for a friendly transaction!". At least I mean it!

Check out this interesting stamp from the sale - a frame that looks like a photo - it's made by Mostly Animals (another beloved and departed stamp company).

As always, here's the link to the listings.

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