Sunday, September 22, 2013

I have some Stampscapes stamps for sale!

I just listed some Stampscapes stamps! For the uninitiated, Stampscapes is a unique stamp style. The stamps combine really nicely to make landscapes ... well, don't ask me to explain. Why not go straight to the Stampscapes web site? They are still going strong after all these years, and have heaps of examples and tutorials!

The handful I have for sale include some interesting ones. There's the HUGE Seaside Cove (honestly, the biggest rubber stamp I think I've seen).

It's about 27cm long! Read the manufacturer's description of this, though - they explain that you use parts of it to create the effect you want. Nice.

I think this one, Palms with Huts, is only available from Stampscapes these days in a smaller size. This is the bigger size - it would have been purchased some years ago.

And if this taste gets you hooked, the distributor of Stampscapes in Australia is The Stamp Trap.

So if you want to bid on my lot of Stampscapes stamps, here's the link.

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