Monday, September 23, 2013


All good web sites have an FAQ (frequently asked questions). Let's have an FAQ.

Q. How big is the stamp I want?
A. Yes, I know, it would have been good to include the measurements in each listing, but it is just too time consuming. To help you, though, I've photographed everything on a gridded background (a clever trick I picked up from other sellers). The squares are 1cm, and the bold lines are 5cm apart. If you need an accurate sizing, do ask, but be aware I'll have to get to the box that stamp is in. You'd better allow a day for an answer.

Q. Do you combine shipping?
A. Yes, absolutely. In some cases, but not all, it will save you money. To help you understand what your postage will cost, I've added the weights of each item as part of the header. Add them up, and don't forget to allow for some packaging. I'm pretty good at finding the best deal for you.

Q. I've just bought some stamps, and I'm bidding on more. Can I combine them?
A. Sure, within reason. I'm keeping a spreadsheet for people that are still shopping. Let me know as soon as you buy something that you want to be on the list. I'll be happy to let you gather up purchases for a week or two.

Q. How long is the sale going?
A. No idea. Until its done. I'm going as fast as I can, but I have to fit in with real life. So far I've listed, maybe, a quarter of the total?

Q. What themes are coming up?
A. There's kids stuff, birthday, lots of frames, wreaths, lots of words, a few alphabets, shells, fish (yes, fish) and my favourite, miscellaneous.

This adorable teddy stamp is currently looking for a home. It's from Penny Black, and there's three or four others from the same range, too. Here's where you look and bid.

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