Sunday, September 30, 2012

How great was the great sale?

We had the Great Stamp Sale yesterday. I was delighted, a just on 1pm all sorts of people started arriving, some who'd been to SERS in the past, and some who were new!

Ellen and I got heaps of help setting up the tables, and there followed three solid hours of shopping!

I couldn't be more pleased with what I took home (I'm going to play with them this afternoon).

As a special treat, Ellen brought a box of samples she had made for shops, for magazines and for classes. We spent some time admiring her work.

Here's one of Ellen's cool samples! She's not even a teddy bear person, but this is gorgeous.

Liz, Cathy and Gail browsing at one of the four tables...

This is not MY haul. Not all of it, anyway. I added more later. Oh my goodness, I bought a lot. I don't think I was the biggest buyer though!

Thanks to everyone who came, it was fabulous. You were good shoppers, and good guests too. Come by SERS any time to have a relaxing time stamping, won't you?

And - there are stamps left! A lot, and plenty of good ones too. So we're plotting the next move. There may be a return visit some other month. Stay tuned!

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