Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Artful Goodness

We're in the last few days before the big stamp sale - here's another taster. Assorted brands, all high quality ones. How sweet is that Noah's Ark?

And some more gorgeous stuff - that tea pot stamp - sigh!

See that house stamp? I think that's made by Penny Black. Just as I uploaded it tonight, it looked familiar....

Have a look at what I have had in a frame in my room for about ten years now ... this!

This pretty card was stamped by Stacey Apeitos using that stamp design. She stamped it on fabric, coloured it, and picked out the good bits in embroidery. It was made ages ago for a SERS challenge, and I can't be sure how I got it, but it's one of my "things" now.

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