Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bags the CARROT!!!!

Is it too soon for another Great Southern Stamp Sale tease? Nope, I don't think so. I have plenty more, and I DO want to encourage everyone available to make the trip.

So, what have we here? Some classic PSX botanical images, but rather than the standard flowers, these are the vegetables and herbs. We see a cabbage, some corn, and OH MY GOD I NEED THAT CARROT STAMP!

You think I'm kidding? I had occasion to make a carrot themed card in recent years (see this photo of Chris at Stamp Club, and also here). I looked high and low for a carrot stamp, and ended up making something with punch craft ( a huge heart punch, cut in half - thanks for asking!). Why a carrot card? She'd hurt her finger pulling up a carrot (!) and needed a commiseration card.

So come to the Great Southern Stamp Sale, where a rare cache of mostly classic PSX stamps are to be offered at wonderful pre-loved prices. Details all on this blog. There will be tea and coffee on offer, and maybe even carrot cake.

You'll note I haven't "bags"ed anything else yet, (I've been very good and I want you all to get first go) but BAGS the CARROT!

And as always, do share this link far and wide!

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