Sunday, June 5, 2016

Woot! Invoice night!

It's all going very well. In case you are wondering, shoppers in the Great Southern Stamp Sale all get a little plastic basket with their name on it. Every time a group of auctions end (when I'm actually free, that is) I "pick" all the orders into the baskets. That way, when it it comes to invoice time, I'll know not only how many items you are getting, but how bulky and how heavy they are too. Which we need to know, to work out the postage.

And guess what? Tonight's the night! Everyone's getting an invoice (alright, it might end up being tonight and tomorrow night). Then when the next round starts, I want you all starting with clean slates. And empty baskets.

Posting will be on Wednesday for most people, if you've paid by then.

There have been a few lots passed in (not many!), and so, you've all inadvertently dictated my latest art project. It's the Show How Great the Unpopular Stamps Are project. Here's my first entry:
If you happen to like the look of any of the stamps used in this project, you will see them reappear in some form in the Great Southern Stamp Sale.

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