Wednesday, June 1, 2016

All about Feedback

Argh! Feedback! It drives me mad!

Now, let me assure you, I love the idea of eBay feedback. People doing transactions, and marking them as good or bad after the fact… it just makes sense. It lets people make good decisions about dealing with others.

When I sell you something, and when I know you have received it and are happy with it (that is, when you've give me feedback), I'll leave you feedback.

So, I'm looking for a part of eBay that lets me see all the transactions that are done, and where the buyers are happy. Then I'll zoom through them all and note that I, too, and happy. Because I am.

Problem is, there isn't one. There are lots of pages where I may enter feedback, but not one where I can do it quickly and know I've done all the ones  I wanted to do. Maybe I'm missing it.

So, as a result, here's the deal:
  • I definitely intend to leave feedback
  • I intend to leave it for every item you buy
  • I would like to leave it really promptly - like, later on the same day that you leave it
  • I would like to leave a cheerful and personal message for each person
But actually:
  • I will leave feedback before the month is out
  • I might miss an item, though I'll try not to
  • I will use a friendly but generic message for almost everyone (spoiler: it will be "Thanks for a friendly transaction!")
And also:
  • If I've forgotten you altogether, it's fine to remind me.

And having said that, go and have a look, there's probably one you missed!

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