Saturday, August 20, 2016

Unmounted stamps - just the rubber, thanks

Today's task : list a lot of unmounted stamps on eBay. Today's challenge : you can't tell what the pictures are until you stamp them out. No problem when you have the catalogue, but these come from all over the world.

So, I'm inking them up and stamping them out (not always perfectly, but enough to show you the design), then washing and packing for sale. 

Ugh. It's hard work.

But look at the beautiful things we are revealing!

Also, I'm finding I'm getting tired. Check this picture:
...where I've shown you the most unusual stamp design. 

Then I followed it up with this picture:
...where I've carefully shown you not only the back of the stamp, but the back of the bit of paper I stamped it on. The bit of paper is included in the sale, by the way. You can't say I'm not covering details here.

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