Saturday, July 16, 2016

We're on to the heavy stuff now...

And by heavy, I do just mean literally heavy. The stuff that's going to be harder to pack, and to haul to the post office. But that you will love!

I mean, check these out:
Alphabet punches, people! There are two different sets. These use the system where the punch doesn't have a button, but slots into a handle for use. That means it's easier to punch, and saves on storage space.

Also there's this gem:

These are the "Endless Stamp" set from Sanby. You clip those letters together, and make words you can stamp in one go. And get them lined up. I'm selling two sets, and I'm selling them as one lot. Why two sets in one? I know you are going to need to make the word "Happy", and you'll need two sets for that!

This week's goodies are listed in a variety of categories, so use your searching mojo to find all of my items.

Please be patient with postage. These are bulky items, and will fill the standard satchels quickly. I'll estimate your postage any time.

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