Friday, January 10, 2014

We're back, and it's Easter this time!

Well, folks, we all knew it would happen. We have come to the END of Ellen's stamps. This is the last official lot. And what a cool lot too! I've saved the Easter stamps for now, because honestly, who can think of it before Christmas?

Here's a sample:

See,that is one cool bunny. These PSX Easter stamps are pretty thin on the ground these days. And what good quality! This is another interesting one :

See, it's a bunny face, close up. It's like that well known PSX stamp of the cat face. But a bunny. I can't officially call it "rare", because who am I to know these things, but I haven't seen it around much.

Interesting note for my USA shoppers. Aussies are mad on Easter, but for whatever reason, we don't send a lot of Easter cards. So this leads me to two conclusions:
1. Don't be offended if your Aussie friends don't send you Easter cards.
2. You should buy up all these stamps.

See, that's my clever marketing skills.

Another interesting note for USA shoppers: posting parcels from Australia to the US reliable and quite fast, but it's not cheap. Last to me I looked, a 500g parcel went for about $14.10 (not too bad), but a 1kg parcel shoots up to $29.70. So keep an eye on those weights, and rest assured, I'll be doing everything at my end to get you the best deal.

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